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MK Form 4 Panel

our Products

From security systems for your business to fire alarm systems, no matter if the job is big or small, we can get you what you need to get it done right.

We make it right here.

Many of our products and parts are manufactured right here in Georgetown. We have a full machine, sheet metal, paint, and electrical shop on-site.

We can make it new again.

We can also recondition products such as master/street boxes and fire alarm punch registers.

We have your back. 

When it's not something we make, we pride ourselves on working with the best of the best, to make sure that whatever product you need, quality is never sacrificed.

Our Partners

Sigcom Radio Boxes
Zetron Fire Alerting Systems
Axis Communications Security Cameras
Firelite Fire Alarms
Notifier Fire Alarms

L.W. Bills is an authorized distributor of products from these top companies, ensuring the highest quality.

Radio Solutions Inc.
Kantech Access Control

Fire Alarm Panels

M/K Form 4 Panels

RO-4 Digital readout

Mini T-2 Transmitter

Button Panels

Key & Plan Boxes

Boston Fire Department (BFD) Boxes: 

With Lettering

Without Lettering

Flush or Surface

Aerial Terminal Box

6 Block- Red ATB

8 Block- Red ATB

6 Block- Gold ATB

Emergency Lights

Exit Signs

Single Head

Multi Head

Timekeeping/Guard 1 Plus

Master/Street Boxes

Reconditioned Shells

White Boxes


Code Wheels

Fire Alarm Punch Register

Reconditioned Punch Registers



Zetron Alerting Systems

House Light Timers

Ground Meters


Multi-channel video recorder

Radio Boxes

Sigcom TRX50

DTX Radio Boxes

Solar-powered Radio Boxes

BDA Systems

RSI (Radio Solutions, Inc.) BDAs

More Information

Security Systems

Axis Cameras


Kantec Access Control

Burglar & Panic Alarms


Pole Wraps



Life Safety Alarms

Smoke Detectors

Heat Detectors

CO Detectors

Fire Alarm Pulls

If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch today.

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